We have examined the ways the individual might have been detected by Public sector agencies. Although he was not detected, this does not mean that all lone actors cannot be detected. An effective counter-terrorism effort can enhance the likelihood of terrorist attacks being prevented in the future.6 With this in mind, in the next Part of our report we examine relevant aspects of New Zealand’s counter-terrorism effort – from political leadership to operations. This includes analysis of the shifting terrorism threat environment (both international and domestic), and how the relevant Public sector agencies have understood and responded to that environment.



6. One study found that 80 percent of disrupted terrorist attacks in the United States of America between 1999 and 2009 were initially discovered by local/State law enforcement or the general public. See K. Strom et al Building on clues: examining successes and failures in detecting US terrorist plots, 1999-2009 (Institute for Homeland Security Solutions, Durham, North Carolina, 2010).