In this Part we explain some of the contextual issues and concepts that provide a background to our report.


Chapter 2 provides a brief overview of the New Zealand context. For those not familiar with New Zealand it provides a brief explanation of New Zealand’s history, constitutional framework and current diverse demographics.


In chapter 3 we describe the international and domestic human rights framework. This provides context for when we consider issues related to human rights throughout the report.


Chapter 4 provides an overview of New Zealand’s national security system and the counter-terrorism effort. This introduces some concepts, Public sector agencies and governance structures that are examined later in the report.


In chapter 5 we explain the main concepts and terms associated with extremism. We outline the spectrum of harmful behaviours discussed in later Parts and focus on the key characteristics of right-wing extremism. This is of relevance to understanding the individual’s behaviour and the activities of the Public sector agencies tasked with countering violent extremism and terrorism.